Another Milestone for Animal Welfare The Ontario SPCA congratulates the Lincoln County Humane Society


Doors opened today at 1pm, as friends and supporters, including Mrs. Laureen Harper, celebrated the new services available to the Lincoln County community.


The new clinic will provide spay/neuter services to the animals in the shelter and the adoption centre renovations are designed to help increase adoptions. The new clinic will also offer pet spay/neuter services to those pet owners in the LCHS service area who, through a simple means test, can demonstrate a financial need for a cost effective procedure. This clinic will have a capacity of 2,500 procedures per year. Its operation is designed to eliminate local cat overpopulation and ultimately the need for euthanasia as the primary control within the community.


We are also pleased to hear that beginning March 2012, the LCHS will adopt a program of Trap, Neuter and Return for our area's feral cats.


It was an honour to be in attendance with several members of the Ontario SPCA. We were very impressed with this new facility and are pleased that more work is being done to help stop the pet over-population problem in Ontario. LCHS continues to do great things for animal welfare.


Congratulations again to our friends at the Lincoln County Humane Society, this is truly another milestone in animal welfare.


Donations to the Lincoln County Humane Society can be made through their website.