Thanksgiving Weekend is Upon Us- Pet Safety Reminders The Ontario SPCA offers tips for a safe holiday

NEWMARKET, ON (October 7, 2011) - The Ontario SPCA wants to remind everyone about the need to keep your pets safe over the Thanksgiving weekend.

As we all sit down together with our families and friends to enjoy a meal, we need to keep in mind that some foods are not safe for our pets.


  • Cooked bones are always a cause of concern not only as a choking hazard, but also because cooked bones splinter and can cause obstructions.
  • Keep a close eye on your children to ensure that they don’t feed your pets anything that could result in you having to rush your pet to the vet emergency clinic over the long weekend.
  • Foods to watch out for are; grapes, raisins, onions, chocolate, caffeine items, macadamia nuts, sugar free sweetener, fruit pit and seeds.

“We all enjoy spending time with our family, friends and of course our family pets, but let’s do so as safely as possible by becoming aware of the potential dangers,” says Agent Brad Dewar, Ontario SPCA. “If you run into a problem please seek immediate medical attention through your local veterinarian or emergency clinic. Have a great and safe holiday this long weekend.”

Provincial Media Contact
Agent Brad Dewar
Investigation & Communications Officer
Ontario SPCA, Provincial Office


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