Statement regarding the Crown dropping the Marineland Charges

The Ontario SPCA conducted a thorough investigation in this case. The decision to drop all the charges was one made by the Crown, stating 3 were withdrawn because it was not in the public interest and the balance were dropped as there was not a good prospect of a conviction.  The Ontario SPCA was not aware of this decision until after the court proceeding. We are extremely disappointed in this outcome and feel that this matter is of public interest as all animals rely on humans for appropriate care for their general welfare and the public demands this.

If you wish to voice your concerns to the Crown, you can contact the Ministry of Attorney General by calling 1-800-518-7901 or emailing,

The Ontario SPCA remains committed to the protection of animals.  If you have concerns for the welfare of the animals at Marineland, we encourage you to contact 310-SPCA to report the new information.

Chief Inspector Connie Mallory, Ontario SPCA