Dogs seized in alleged dog fighting operation to be given a new opportunity

Press release - July 25, 2017, Stouffville, Ontario – The Ontario SPCA and Dog Tales have worked together to create an option for the dogs seized in a criminal investigation of an alleged dog fighting operation in Chatham, Ontario.

The court accepted a joint submission that sees the dogs transported to Florida to take part in an enrichment program under the direction of Aimee Sadler, Director of Training and Behavior at Playing for Life. Aimee Sadler has also agreed to assume ownership of the dogs.

The dogs have been under the care of the Ontario SPCA for almost the last two years by Order of the courts. While in the Society’s care, the dogs have received daily enrichments, specialized care and human interaction in a purpose-built facility.

“The dogs are getting an extraordinary opportunity due to the resources that Dog Tales is providing.  We have been pleased to work in partnership with them on this outcome and hope to work with them on other initiatives. Our role in this case has always been to provide the balance between the welfare of these dogs, the safety of other animals and public safety. We need to remember that dog fighting is a criminal act.” says Deputy Chief Jennifer Bluhm, Ontario SPCA.

It is important to remember these dogs range in behaviours from extremely aggressive to unpredictable. These dogs were bred to fight and trained to kill, and a wagging tail is not always a clear sign these dogs are safe for human or dog interaction.

The dogs have undergone two expert assessments. The court has ordered one of the dogs (Dog 9) be euthanized as it has been deemed dangerous under the Dog Owners Liability Act.

The Criminal Case is still proceeding. Additionally, the charges laid under the Dog Owners Liability Act are still before the court with a pending court date of August 24, 2017.




Alison Cross

Ontario SPCA



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